Flour Eggs Water



Rethink pasta. Get back to basics. Eat seasonally.

At Flour Eggs Water we are fanatical about fresh authentic pasta made the original Italian way. This is the fourth outpost and offering from A Tavola and it’s a nod and a reminder to where it all began.

3 simple ingredients

Flour Eggs Water Tramsheds. Three simple ingredients which when combined can be transformed into one of life’s simplest and most satisfying pleasures – pasta.

Come and be seduced by the simplicity and honesty of a changing menu where we work closely with our providores to provide you with seasonally focused delicious food. We are dedicated to celebrating the art and craft of fresh hand made and extruded pasta.

Let us introduce you to preservative free carefully sourced grape varieties from Italy and local NSW wine growers to bring you the very best wines on tap in the country.

We have created a space for the community to get together – to watch as we experiment, educate, research, develop and share our knowledge with locals. Come and sit at the bar and be seduced by the theatre in the open kitchen or watch our Pastaio, dedicated to his craft take part in the daily ritual of making fresh pasta.

Flour Eggs Water



Flour Eggs Water


eat at ours. or yours

Share these moments in our communal dining setting or watch as the Pastaio packs fresh pasta for you to take to enjoy at home.

This is relaxed simple dining at its best. Your place, our place. Flour Eggs Water by A Tavola at the Tramsheds is taking it back to where it all began. Your go-to place for slow prepared pasta for fast-paced lives.


The people behind the restaurant

This is the fourth outpost for the A Tavola crew driven by pasta mad Eugenio Maiale.

Flour Eggs Water


The massive $34 million makeover to the once neglected Rozelle Tram Depot on the edge of Harold Park has been a project that we have been extremely passionate about. We are so excited after 10 years in the Sydney restaurant scene to now have a presence in the inner west. Together we join top end providores and restaurants to create a European-inspired market hall lined with bespoke retailers, from butchers and bakers, gelato makers to fried chicken and fresh pasta by A Tavola. Your one stop shop for food education, ethical shopping and seriously good food.

Flour Eggs Water

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